Ceres Hedge provides the most comprehensive custom tailored market analysis available. By using derivatives to hedge exposures to changes in exchange rates and commodity prices, we limit our clients’ exposure to adverse price action while maintaining command positions within their industry. Our services include

  • Custom Market Risk & Business Risk Profiling
  • Dynamic Risk Management Consulting 
  • Exchange Rate Hedging for International Sales or Procurement
  • Inventory and Price Control for Large Scale Operations
  • Consulting and Adviing  in Dynamic Option Strategies
  • On-Site Training for Hedging Staff and Executive Oversight
  • Implementation of custom Hedging and Risk Management Programs
  • Side-by-side, Independent Monitoring of Existing Hedge Operations

We offer customized solutions for companies in  businesses and industries which include:

  • Petroleum, Natural Gas, & Energy Poducts Producers 
  • Transports, Utilities & Other Energy Distributors or End Users
  • Ethanol & Biofuel Industry Participants 
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Agricultural Producers & Processors
  • Food Processors
  • Agricultural Distributors, Wholesalers & End Users
  • Livestock Producers and Wholesalers
  • Dairies
  • Industrial Manufacturers
  • Investment Banks
  • Retail Trading Firms
  • Floor Trading and Clearing Firms