Commodity & Ingredient Hedging

Ceres Hedge provides comprehensive professional consulting to a wide range of industry leaders. As a private hedging service, we are free of the typical conflict of interest endemic within this industry, where suppliers of the cash products are often the same firms advising the buyers of their products on value and pricing. Many of our clients recognize this as a major strategic advantage in today’s business environment.

Our areas of expertise encompass employing dynamic (actively traded) hedging strategies by utilizing futures, options, and the cash market to maximize potential returns and offset risk.

Because of our extensive market experience, proprietary pricing models, and exclusive industry contracts, we are highly confident in our ability to not only outperform our competitors, but also to improve the bottom line for our clients. Our mission is to deliver to you a clear and substantial gain on hedging operations and pricing power in the marketplace. Therefore we offer an incentive based pricing plan for new clients that is predicated on favorable results from the implementation of our program.

As well as forecasting, order execution, position management and risk assessment, Ceres Hedge is able to provide all execution services, trade accounting and position squaring through our independent and highly capable market channels. Our unique approach combines flexibility in adapting hedging operations to complex market environments, unparalleled proprietary research, and a total risk management approach, has driven our consulting business to the top of the industry as other have faltered in the wake of historic price behavior.

We provide hedging strategies in all major markets, including grains, tropicals, dairy and meats, energy, as well as foreign exchange and interest rates.
Among our current consulting clients are:

  • Food Processors
  • Large farm hedging operations in the United
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Large North American pork producers
  • South American soybean crushing & exporting operations
  • Private U.S. & Canadian Investment Banks

We custom-tailor a dynamic hedging strategy to the specific needs of each of our individual clients, a service which they have come to recognize as being a crucial advantage in the exceedingly challenging pricing environment reflected in the costs and volatility affecting virtually all businesses today.