About Us

Ceres Hedge provides customized price management and hedging operations for a wide range of companies with exposure to market activity. Our consulting services and on-site corporate training programs offer exceptional depth of market insight and knowledge, with a macroeconomic view of events which can impact companies in a variety of industries, combined with a strong focus on creating custom solutions for the unique needs of the individual companies we work with. We currently manage energy providers and transport services, livestock and crop producers, retail food and feed companies, soybean crushers, grain elevators and dairies, international investment banks and trading & brokerage firms.

Ceres Hedge prides itself on the ability to operate in a dynamic and diverse market environment for the benefit of our clients, allowing them to gain greater expertise and confidence in managing risk and maintaining command positions wthin their industries.

President: J.Mark Kinoff

Mark Kinoff has traded futures and stocks for over twenty years. In that time he has traded his personal account and managed a number of private accounts. Currently, Mark splits his time between trading on the floors of the CBOT, as well as publishing a nightly commentary which is drawn on by fund managers, commercial clients, brokers, and individual speculators. He is registered with the CTFC as a Commodity Trading Advisor. His extensive background includes Broker Assistant, Floor Broker, Floor Trader, Private Account Manager, and CTA, giving him immeasurable experience of all facets of the trading arena. A technical specialist with emphasis on wave patterns, market psychology, classical technical analysis and chart pattern recognition, Mark has earned a reputation as a top technician in the futures trading industry. Proficient in the design of proprietary trading systems, Mark has developed a number of computerized “black box” trading programs.

Mark also serves as a private consultant to commercial grain marketers and livestock farmers, working with Fortune 500 companies as well as medium sized businesses to optimize hedging strategies, provide guidance and education to hedging departments and CFO’s who wish to improve their overall performance, improve their bottom line, and to better understand market dynamics, technical and fundamental analysis.

Mark has written extensively for academic papers, and has had a number of his articles published in Active Trader Magazine, Working Money and Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine. His weekly commentary can be heard on radio stations across Canada and the Northern U.S.

J. Mark Kinoff is a current member of the Chicago Board of Trade, and registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.